Bellamy’s – A Pleasant Surprise for Your Palate

Escondido California, a quaint town that is a reminder of days past. As in most town’s Main Street is the hub. In Escondido, the small businesses can still afford to rent their storefronts on Main Street. A Mexican Restaurant, a dog grooming salon, small appliance store and a watch maker. Businesses that still start with first names.

The place to eat here in Escondido is Bellamy’s, owned by one Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur who decided to start a mini-empire in the restaurant business in the North of San Diego County.

Bonar has plans for a four-star event center in Bandy Canyon, where he owns a 144-acre property. There will be a signature restaurant that will boast a Master Chef of France, whom he recruited from the El Bizcocho, along with Mike Reidy as the executive chef and Trevor De Costa as the front of the house man.

The signage at Bellamy’s along with the décor will come as a surprise. The sign in front is a large tarpaulin, such as you would paint a giant sign or picture on, or a banner for an event. As for the interior, it has been dubbed as model-home-chic, with walls painted in a Coppertone shade, great jazz paintings and very plush seating.

The food is excellent. Try their beet salad made from red and golden beets and served over a bed of porcini mushroom powder with cocoa nibs and pistachios. Another must try is the corn soup made with cream and espelette peppers, served cold over a fantastic shrimp Ceviche with ginger, cilantro, lime juice, and olive oil. The Parsley Cream Risotto with salmon poached to perfection, shaved summer truffles and crunchy with sea salt is an excellent choice.

The servers at Bellamy’s are professional, courteous, and well versed in the dishes that are served. They can instruct you on how to consume a dish that you are not familiar with and not be annoying or being pretentious.

According to Dalrada, Dr. Brian Bonar hails from Scotland. He enjoys golf and spending time with his family. Dr.Brian Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland, which is a public research university. His MBA in Mechanical Engineering as well as his doctorate degree from Staffordshire University in Staffordshire, England. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College in Staffordshire.

During his career, he has engendered a reputation as a person who helps his clients to achieve their goals. He has a portfolio that includes achievements in commercial, multi-family housing, K12 education projects, retail marketing and the field of aviation.

He has the diverse experience and the skills to create the type of results that great projects, client relationships, and teams are built from.

Philip Diehl of the U.S Money Reserve becomes the new Head of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets’ Board of Directors appointed the president of the U.S Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, to be its new chairperson. Mr. Diehl is a reputable administrator who has headed various organizations that deal with government-issued precious metals such as the U.S Mint, where he was a director.

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets’ primary function in the sector is to oversee the distribution of paper money, rare coins, and bullion that are made of valuable metals.

The organization ensures stability in the industry and its jurisdiction covers 50 states in the U.S. It offers a favorable channel that can be used by members to discuss, consult, and work together with both private and governmental bodies to come up with solutions to matter that affect their business.

Mr. Diehl is trusted by the ICTA since he served as its vice president. He led the institution to achieve various significant legislative ambitions such as the transformation of the 2013 Minnesota statute, which had put many obstacles that affected the individuals and companies involved in the numismatics and bullion business.

Philip has ample experience in controlling the sector since he served at the state’s regulating office and in Washington. He came up with the communication and law making policies of the ICTA and ensured that they were approved by the Minnesota legislature as well as signed by Governor Mark Dayton in May 2016.

The ICTA’s new head will be committed to bettering the service of the ICTA by augmenting its finance, communication, coordination, membership, and advantages to its members. Mr. Diehl is eminent in the sector for being the current president of the U.S Money Reserve, which is a principal supplier of precious government-issued coins, bullion, and bars. He is also celebrated by his former employer, the U.S Mint, for his remarkable contribution during his tenure as the director of the company.

According to, the U.S Money Reserve is an Austin, Texas-based company that has majored in the supply of precious metals that are issued by the U.S and foreign governments as legal tender goods. The firm was established in 2001, and it has currently served thousands of clients who need to own precious government-issued metals as a way of storing their wealth.

The company serves its customers with the help of its competent numismatics and coin research experts who study in the progress of the market and advise buyers and sellers. The Money Reserve indicates that the company’s customer service is unparalleled, and this has created health relationships with the clients.

Securus Technologies Offers Free Calls to Victims of Louisiana Floods

According to PRNewswire published on September 1st, 2016, Securus Technologies, the leading communications service provider for correctional facilities, merged with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC). They merged to allow each prisoner at the LA correctional facility to make a free phone call. Securus Technologies facilitates inmate communication with family and friends because of the recent floods which made life difficult for prisoners and families. The free calling program will run through the month to September seventh.


Connecting inmates with family and friends is one of the primary objectives of Securus. With the recent Louisiana floods, their duty as a go-between the prisoners and families are more important. The Louisiana flooding was severe and stressful to inmates; thus, the need for Securus Technologies to take communications measures at connecting prisoners with family. According to Richard A. Rick, the chief executive officer of Securus, connecting inmates in correctional facilities is their core objective in the state.


Although the free calls will cost up to $300,000 which is relatively expensive compared to standard call rates, Securus is committed to their goal of connecting prisoners. Also, Securus Technologies will donate $50,000 directed to the funding project of Louisiana inmates to assist them. Securus and the Department of Corrections will activate the application for free phone calls in prison this September.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based firm. According to CrunchBase, Securus is the leading communications service provider for prisoners and correctional facilities. Securus Technologies serves over 3450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies across North America. The firm dedicates itself to connecting inmates and families through offering emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, data management and prisoners self-service. Securus Technologies focuses on making the world a better place by channeling information to the right places.


Digital Reputation Management Firm Makes Inc.’s 500 List

Status Labs has been included in Inc.’s 500 List of Fastest-Growing Companies ranking number 339. Recognized for its tremendous 1,099% growth during the years 2012 through 2015, Status Labs has been firmly established with an exceptional digital reputation plus a superior public relations management company that is a dynamo in the marketing and public relations markets.

Status Labs has worked hard to improve its market position under the guidance of President and CEO Darius Fisher. Through his leadership, Status Labs has created new offerings in their digital services field and built a client base this is considered world-class and includes several Fortune 500 companies plus public figures from all over the world. “We are honored to be named to the Inc. 500 List of fastest-growing companies,” observed Darius Fisher.

Darius Fisher also commented that this achievement from Status Labs is proof of the ever increasing demand for digital reputation management plus the need for quality strategic digital PR, marketing and SEO campaigns. “We continue to grow, hire and expand, and I feel optimistic about the future of Status Labs,” stated Fisher.

Inclusion on the sought-after Inc. 500 List signifies the most detailed examination of America’s independent entrepreneurs which represents a vital part of our economy. Status Labs joins an illustrious group that includes other early revealed members of the Inc. 500 like Dell, LinkedIn, Timberland, Yelp, Zillow and Pandora.

With offices in New York, Austin and São Paulo, Status Lab is firmly entrenched as a premier online marketing, public relations and digital reputation management firm. Their focus is on teaching clients how to find their best search results and use an effective strategy with PR and digital marketing to build a reputation for their business. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin and serves over 1500 companies in over 35 countries.

Status Labs assists companies in successfully engaging their audiences with captivating subject matter that will compel more traffic and sales from their websites. Status Labs creates unique solutions that are designed for each client’s specific requirements through the use of a digital footprint for the client’s brand and image management. Status Labs helps their clients maximize their search results and create the best possible digital image for their brand.

Twitter: @statuslabs

Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley Ski Resort Reflects on Attempts to Incorporate Olympic Valley

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, invested “hundreds of thousands of dollars opposing” efforts to incorporate or consolidate rural Lake Tahoe. Wirth feared consolidation would increase his business and property taxes and negatively impact the quality of services received by residents living in the area surrounding Lake Tahoe.

Andy Wirth of Olympic Valley, California As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has worked tirelessly to make the ski area one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Lake Tahoe and Olympic Valley have always been friendly cooperative small businesses working together to provide seamless service delivery to tourists vacationing in and around its many resorts. Attempts to incorporate Olympic Valley and north Lake Tahoe depleted Wirth’s resources more than any natural challenge created by the weather. Wirth believed that the possible consolidation of north Lake Tahoe jeopardized even “road maintenance and snow plowing” services in Olympic Valley Incorporation.

Unyielding draughts devastated the Squaw Valley ski season until 2015 when cold temperatures brought an early winter snow storm to Squaw Valley and the Lake Tahoe area. The storm symbolized the end of the political battle to consolidate. The 2016 Olympic Valley ski season opened earlier than any other ski season during the past 10 years. It marked the end of the prolonged fight for incorporation and the destructive battle between the “Olympic Valley Resort and North America’s iconic winter sports resorts.”

Andy Wirth “worked tirelessly” to make Squaw Valley Ski Holdings an international tourist destination. He contributes a major portion of his profits to service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area to improve the quality of life for all residents of Olympic Valley and north Lake Tahoe. He supports wounded warriors through his Ironman organization which funds projects to assist Navy Seals returning home from tours of active duty. He honors the Navy Seals and contributes some of this profit to the Navy Seal Foundation. 

George Soros Attacked by Commentators on the Far-Right

George Soros is no stranger to controversy. From his wildly successful career as one of the top hedge fund managers in the world to his work on progressive causes through the Open Societies Foundation, Soros has attracted plenty of attention over the years from those on the far-right who do not agree with his principles. His attackers have stooped to a new low in now calling George Soros an anti-Semite and anti-European in the newest George Soros conspiracy.

It should be noted that this latest George Soros conspiracy is not actually a controversy at all. Rather, the newest George Soros Wikileaks scandal is nothing more than a crazed attempt to create speculation over Soros’ involvement in causes around the world. Through the George Soros emails that were just released, people have tried to fabricate a narrative that Soros is involved in helping to fight against Israel and actually supports Palestine. The truth is that Soros has supported watchdog organizations all around the world that identify violations of human rights by governments and ruling political parties. In Israel, Soros was doing the same thing by funding forces to expose various human rights violations regardless of who was responsible fro the abuses. To say that this would make Soros an anti-Semite is nothing short of insane.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

The George Soros Wikileaks dump has also been used to fuel rumors that Soros is involved in making the refugee crisis worse in Europe by helping to create the circumstances that have forced the refugee problem upon Europe. From the George Soros emails, his opponents are trying to show that Soros is responsible for the entire refugee problem in Europe. These ridiculous speculations are not grounded in reality or even possibility in that Soros could never actually generate such circumstances even if he wanted to.

What many of his opponents fail to keep in mind is that Soros was originally an immigrant himself during World War II. He knows all too well what it is like to be forced from your home and be at the mercy of a political situation over which you have no control at all. This is one of the reasons that George Soros has dedicated so much of his time and resources to supporting refugees around the world and implores other countries to reach out to them. There is absolutely no reason that Soros would ever want another person to have to endure what he did at the hands of the Nazi occupation in World War II. Quite to the contrary, Soros works every day to make sure that this never happens again anywhere else in the world. For Soros, he believes that there are possibilities and solutions that can be achieved through the cooperation of leaders around the world to solve the refugee crisis without any one country having to suffer at a disproportionate rate. He recognizes the severity of this issue and his devoted his own personal wealth to working toward a solution. His detractors would rather you ignore these inconvenient facts.

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Darius Fisher is Recognized for Excellence

With the technological advancements and the new communication methods among individuals around the world, it has become a requirement for businesses that wish to remain successful to create online marketing strategies that not only promote the business, but also negate any negative context on the internet. With this in mind, it has almost become a requirement for businesses to hire online reputation management firms that can share their expertise in online marketing and digital strategy. One online reputation management firm has grown exponentially within the last five years and is now one of the best reputation management firms to seek advice and consul from. This firm is called Status Labs and was co-founded by Darius Fisher, an individual who has expertise on what each client of the firm needs. Darius Fisher has created a unique company that provides each and every client or business with a tailored solution that helps to grow the business even more.

To honor Darius Fisher for his excellence in business, Mr. Fisher has recently been named as the Business Development Individual of the year. This award is given to individuals each year who show excellent results as well as potential in marketing as well as in digital strategies and solutions. Darius Fisher especially showed his dedication and excellence to the company when it was discovered that his company, between the years of 2012 and 2015, grew exponentially by 939 percent. The new digital services that he provides offers long-term strategic planning with promises long-term growth.

The secret to the success of Status Labs well as to the success of Darius Fisher is the leadership strategy that Darius Fisher has used to motivate his employees. Rather than micromanaging his employees at the firm, he gives them creative range and encourages them to use their expertise in order to grow the company. The method has worked wonders for the company and has created a close-knit community within the company that has been formed through trusting one another. Rather than just being employees, Darius Fisher often feels as though he is working with his friends and family members.

Toys for Boys Lavishes Miami with Style

Danilo Diaz Granados, co-founder of Toys for Boys, hosted some of Miami’s most visible male socialites in what’s being hailed as an unforgettable event exclusively for the city’s elite. Granados brought his guests closer to fine dining, entertainment and exclusive media and products again in his three years of promoting these vast experiences for his guests.

It’s been Granados’ plan to bring Miami’s movers and shakers into a highly stylized space where they can experience products and media before it’s made available to the general public. Maintaining their air of exclusivity, Toys for Boys selected its guests for the July experience through a rigorous process. After being treated to a fully catered breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum the men were taken on a guided tour though new luxury apartments in Miami’s picturesque Biscayne area prior to their doors being open to the public or applicable tenants being considered.

Granados also partnered with Air Commander Aerospace, Technomar, Van Dutch Americas and Gryphon Racing, which made the event more than just showing off new upscale living spaces. This included a helicopter ride for his guests to the Palm Beach Race Track. There they were able to test out high-speed cars before heading out to the Miami River, where they enjoyed lunch provided by the River Yacht Club. And the evening was capped off by boat rides in the newest watercraft Van Dutch Americas had on offer, not yet available for purchase.

More on Danilo Diaz Granados:

After graduating from Babson College in Babson, Massachusettes, Danilo Diaz Granados put his BS in economics to work as an entrepreneur. After making his presence known in the city of Miami, Granados used his new influence to bolster the image of the Latin American community in South Florida by making luxury boutique service more available to this under served segment of the economy.

Though his organization Toys for Boys, Granados has become the go-to provider of venues that showcase exclusive products, foreign automobiles, contemporary art, and so much more that adheres to the concept of luxurious presentation. In addition to his business acumen, Granados is a known socialite in the Miami area is fairly active on social media.  For a look at his professional achievements, be sure to visit Danilo’s CrunchBase.

What The Search Fixers Can Do


United Airlines had a tarnished online reputation that cost them close to $180 million, this amount could have easily bankrupt many companies. Their bad reputation all started with musician David Caroll. As he was boarding a United Airlines flights he noticed that his guitar was being carelessly slung around the loading area. Due to the bad treatment of this guitar, there was damage done to it. David thought it right that the airline should pay him for the amount of the repairs. After getting nowhere with United Airlines he decided to write a song about his experience, entitled ‘United Breaks Guitars’. It is no surprise that this song got over 15 million views on YouTube. This bad publicity caused the United Airlines stock price to fall down 10 percent over a few weeks.

Once a company has gotten a bad online reputation it can become difficult to gain new customers. During a recent study, that showed that unhappy customers cost many U.S. businesses around $537 billion each year. But having the right reputation management tools can help prevent that.

Having bad online reviews can have a huge impact on the number of customers a business gets. There are many ways to solve reputation problems. Finding an online reputation management service is the best way to go.

One of the best online reputation management companies that do this is The Search Fixers. This company of reputation management consultants is able to easily built up a good online reputation for your business. Having a good reputation will mean that you will start to the clients that you want. Choosing to work with The Search Fixers reputation management service is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

This company is also able to help fix any bad online reputation, that your business has previously acquired. They are able to do this by building up all of your social media accounts, and then allowing them to manage all of your accounts. Going with The Search Fixers internet reputation repair will save you time and money because you will not have to stay on top of your social media presence. The company also offers search engine optimization (SEO) and other online reputation repair services that can help you grow your businesses good online reputation.

Dr. Jennifer Walden on Why There Are No Women In Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a long and successful history in the field of medicine. She grew up in Austin to eventually become the salutatorian of her ear at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Immediately after, she went on to her surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

With the knowledge she gained in her educational career, she started her own practice that proved to be wildly successful in New York City. Eventually, she returned to Austin in 2011 and co-authored a book called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Jennifer Walden is a rare breed. In the state of Texas, there are only 12 board-certified cosmetic surgeons who are females while there are only 180 nationally. She has been in this position for approximately eight years. Within those eight years she has focused almost exclusively on cosmetic enhancement surgeries. Specifically, she specializes in breast augmentations, face lifts, and rhinoplasty. In addition, she provides more general cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and Botox injection.

Walden offers some insight on why there are so few female surgeons around the country. Primarily, she says, it involves the long waiting time necessary in receiving the proper education. Nearly a decade of learning is necessary after medical school training in order to become a surgeon. Often times, this prevents women from having children as they are so loaded on with the stress of work and school. In addition, like in other male dominated sectors such as financial planning, women are not particularly welcomes. The culture surrounding surgery is very male oriented which makes it difficult for women to become acclimated.

This is highlighted by the night and day percentages of surgeons around the nation. Roughly 10% of cosmetic and plastic surgeons are women. This makes it increasingly hard for women who want to get into the field to actually break through the gender barrier.

Cosmetic surgery as a field of practice and study can greatly benefit from a more balanced work environment. Dr. Walden cites many different barriers of entry from prohibiting women from entering. She was able to overcome them, but not many can.


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