Geoffrey Cone Encourages Moving

People who use Geoffrey Cone as an attorney know that he works hard to make sure that people can get what they want out of living in a different country. As a global attorney, he is able to advise people on what they should do to move to a different country and where they should move to if they make that decision.


Most often, Geoffrey Cone tells people that they should move to a tax haven if they are looking to save some money on the taxes that they pay based on their income. He wants to make sure that people know that they have options like tax-free living when they make a lot of money so that they can save some money instead of having to pay all of their money into the taxes for the country that they live in. He wants people to be able to save as much as possible.


There are some countries that are not tax havens but that do offer transparency in the taxes that they have. They want people to know what they can be expected to pay and this is something that varies from country to country. The countries that have tax transparency are sure to always have published records of what people paid in the past on different income zones. This is something that lets people know what they are going to be expected to pay in the coming time that they are in the country.


One such country that is not a tax haven but that does have tax transparency is New Zealand. The country is one that offers a lot of different opportunities for people but one that also offers the option to be completely tax transparent. They are always open about what they expect people to pay in taxes. Each year, they publish the information about taxes on a regular basis. They do this so that people who read English are able to see it and make the decision on whether or not they want to live in New Zealand based on the taxes that the country has.


One of the biggest things that people must consider when they are moving to a different country is what they are going to be expected to pay in taxes. It is a good idea for the people who are considering moves to different countries get a good idea of what the taxes are going to be like in a different country. They want to make sure that they are doing a lot in those countries and this is something that sets them apart from many of the other countries in the world. People should have a strong knowledge of taxes before they move.


College Basketball Betting Has Been Made Easier With

This is the early season of basketball, but the season tends to go by very quickly. Most fans think that everything is better when you place a couple of bets on games. This is where a lot of the excitement comes in. People get pumped about games when they have money on their favorite teams.

There is what people are able to do on with March madness odds or any other games that they want to place wagers on. There are an assortment of different betting opportunities found here because it is not just cut and dry as betting on who will win or lose. This is the most fascinating thing about placing bets. There is a lot of talk about winning streaks for teams during March Madness. People that are good at predicting these winners that are on a winning streak can bet on things like this. has allowed people to make a lot of money on their bets. Some people may never consider the office pool or anything like this because they may want to make their bets in private. There are a lot of people that are going to benefit from using this website simply because it is a discreet way to place a bet. That is appealing to people that don’t want to voice opinions about teams at work. There can be so much arguing over who has the better team. There can be a bit of uneasiness about giving your money over to a stranger at work when a bet is being placed. That is why some people would just prefer to use to place bets. This is the best way to keep things discreet.

A large majority of people that are using the Internet to make bets are going to consider the information that is provided on the Internet. The good thing about using is the large amount of information that is provided about the teams. There is so much information given about matchups. There is information that is provided about the people on the teams that are injured. A person that is placing a bet has everything that they could possibly need to make a good guess on who will win the game. There is no need to waste a lot of time with any other websites. has all the information a betting man or woman will need.

When Does The Time Come To Stop Supporting Your Adult Children?


Sam Tabar writes on the Huffington Post that a common discussion in the household, when is it right for a parent to stop supporting their child? It is normal for parents to want the best for their child. Many parents will come out of their way to support their children to the best of their abilities. When is it time to step back? When the child turns 18? When they graduate from college? At age 25?


It is common for parents to pay for some of the rent or larger expenses even after the child graduates from college until the get a good paying job. It takes a while for a recent college graduate to start making good money and they have to pay off other expenses.


In a recent survey by Fidelity, 47% of millennials said their parents continued to pay for some of their expenses post graduation. Cell phone bills and groceries were the top two percentages paid by parents.


The federal reserve has shown that the average American usually has less than $400 in their savings account. Millennials have around $9,100 in savings. Several of the millennials have taken the time to set up investment accounts which means they are prepared for the future. That is good because the older generations are more financially prepared and can help the younger generations. How does this hurt parents who are sacrificing their hard earned money for their kids? Will the parents be able to keep enough for their retirement?


Since many Americans are holding less than $400 in their savings account, they could be hurting their future by continuing to pay for their child’s expenses after college. Those students that recently graduated and have a fair amount of savings may struggle at first, but can recover with money stored away.


As per, Sam Tabar has worked a majority of his career managing funds. Tabar lead the capital team for Merrill Lynch. He set a plan for investors to focus on endowments, foundations, fund planning, and family offices. Sam Tabar put together a team of expert staff. Before spending time with Merrill Lynch he served as a leader of Marketing for Sparx Group. It was the biggest funding firm in the Asia Pacific area.  Currently, he’s also operating Sam Tabar Advisory, and he’s well known for his informative Tweets on the subject of finance.

Sam Tabar’s personal website can be found here:

The Igor Cornelsen Method to Investing


Igor Cornelsen knows how to invest. He knows this well enough to teach other people how to invest their money as well. There is a lot of praise for what he has done in the business world in Brazil. Now there is talk about what he is doing with Bainbridge Investments in America. He has clients that he gives advice to when it comes to portfolio building, but he has often said that investors need to be aware of their own investments.


What Igor Cornelsen has done is sell the ideal of portfolio diversity, a major tip in his article Investment Advice For The Young Investor. He believes that nothing matters more than this. It doesn’t matter how well your stocks are doing at the present time. If you are only investing in a couple of stocks in a single industry there is still a lot of room to lose substantial amounts of money. People that have invested in the technology giant Samsung for many years. Right now, however, their is a buzz about how these Samsung phones are catching on fire. Anyone that has made this type of investment will see that there is no way that they can avoid losses with this stock. Microsoft has been climbing back to the top, but the recent Microsoft Windows bug that could give hackers access to your computer is bound to make this company’s stock go down. That is why Igor Cornelsen advises people to consider the benefits of diversity. This is really the only way to keep some balance with your portfolio.


He knows what he is talking about because he has put a lot of time into studying the market. Everything that he says comes from his own investing experience, and LinkedIn makes it clear that Igor’s experience is legendary. That is why he is respected in the industry. He has proven that diversity works for people that are trying to save for retirement. His strategy extends far beyond America and American stocks. He also wants to give people the opportunity to consider what they can get with the stocks outside of America as well. He has lived in Brazil so Latin America is where his heart lies for investing abroad.  Igor can be contacted through Facebook.

Shared Office Spaces Bring About Unlimited Earnings

One thing that could be said about entrepreneurs or people that work for themselves is that they have unlimited earning potential. However, it can be very hard to achieve that full potential without the right environment. This is even true for people that work online or run an online business. Almost anywhere anyone goes, they are going to be faced with plenty of distractions. This is why shared office spaces are the best places to go in order to set up a successful business. People who go to these spaces find themselves being very focused on the work they are doing.


One example of a shared office space in New York is Workville. This facility combines the perfect balance between a relaxed atmosphere and a productive atmosphere. In other words, people achieve a lot in this environment without all of the added pressure of a regular workplace and the distractions of other environments. This balance is actually very hard to achieve. However, Workville has achieved it with easy. As a result, people have found a lot of success with Workville. It has become one of the top places to visit for people that are looking to make a successful life.


One thing that people need to maximize their success is the right environment. They also need to be surrounded by the right people so that they will be able to achieve their goals. With shared office spaces, people will be able to focus on their business. There is a small likelihood of people coming in to distract others. As a result, people will be able to enjoy the unlimited earnings. They have no need to worry about any expenses they may have to deal with. They have the assistance they need in the form of encouragement needed to bring forth unforeseen levels of success.

Great Benefits For Assisted Living Facilities Available


Is it time for your loved one to consider an assisted living facility? Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before saying yes.


  • Can my loved one manage all of their self care? If the answer is no, it may be time to consider an assisted living facility, as they provide excellent help with medication management and additional services to help your loved one live independently.
  • Is your loved one safe at home? If you are not sure that your loved one is safe at home or able to fully take care of themselves, then it is time to consider the benefits of a nursing facility. If you are worried about your loved one slipping and falling, there may be some good alternatives for that; consider those first, but talk to an assisted living facility while doing so.
  • Is your loved one able to cook their own meals, prepare their own food, and accomplish the activities of daily living? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be best to consider an amazing assisted living facility.


There are many great assisted living facilities to choose from. One such amazing assisted living facility is The Manse on Marsh. This facility is able to provide the very best in personal care and will enable your loved one to get the best help that they need.


Additionally, The Manse on Marsh just adopted a new CEO, which means that the residents will be getting excellent new services and will be enjoying even more top-rated benefits.


With so many great benefits for staying in an assisted living facility, it is worthwhile to consider calling them, or contacting them through the website, to see what your loved one’s best options are. There are many exciting options available at an assisted living facility, so do not hesitate to ask about the great places that are available for your loved one.


What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and schedule an assisted living facility tour for your loved one today – it’ll take just a few minutes, and you will have peace of mind that your loved one is safe and secure.  Check them out on Google +, and see more information about them on TheManseBlog.

Mike Baur Raises The Bar By Supporting Start-Up Entrepreneurs

In 2014, Mike Baur came up with one of the biggest ideas in his life: he established the Swiss Startup factory, which is registering start-up entrepreneurs to help them grasp the basics of the industry. He had previous interactions in the banking industry, so his knowledge about business cannot be underestimated.


Mike is a passionate professional and he implements what he feels is okay and helpful. The Swiss Startup Factory is helping many dreams to come true through the different structured programs that are passed through the organization to assist upcoming entrepreneurs.


Digital business strategy

One of the ways the Swiss Startup Factory is supporting start-ups is ensuring they get all information necessary for digitization. The business strategies presented in the program are supposed to inspire growth, so the company explores and analyses the various areas of the business that are potentially profitable and advises on the best digital practices that may be applicable to maximize the effect. This model also challenges the idea to spot any weaknesses that need to be eliminated or things that should be streamlined.


Goal definition and staffing

It does not matter what the goal aims at. The Swiss Startup Factory comes up with a new digital product and an adaptable strategy that fits the needs of clients. With a set goal, the business is better placed in the highly competitive market, so the Swiss Startup Factory helps in the goal definition process and offers solutions to various challenges facing the business.


Delivering solutions

Clients are given solutions based on the concerns presented by buyers. One is equipped with information that is useful to coming up with a focused perspective and market research developed solely to enhance productivity. There is a broad team of entrepreneurs and reliable mentors, who offer know-how and tips that are relevant for building products and digital companies.



Once the idea is presented and all incubation complete, all requisite financing is sourced through external investors and fund raising events organized exclusively by the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur, Founder and CEO

Mike Baur is a Switzerland citizen and his dedication to seeing his country’s prosperity has been tied on first offering support to young professionals to allow them to establish their own businesses. This is what inspired him to launch the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. His educational background is also a factor that can explain his great presence in the business world. He holds both an Executive MBA and an MBA from Bern and Rochester University respectively.


White Shark Media Serves Adwords Solutions


Small businesses and major large businesses have one thing in common. Both require customers in order to thrive. Actually, there are several things businesses of all sizes have in common. The ability to run an effective advertising campaign while also keeping expenses low is of critical importance. Mercifully, Google and Bing have done the business world a service by creating AdWords advertising. White Shark Media of Miami, FL takes things even further by providing an effective way of managing these cost-effective advertisements.


AdWords campaigns allow businesses to reach significant targeted audiences. The budgeting of a campaign has to be done expertly or else the cost-effective component ends up lost. A campaign also has to be changed at varying times in order to maintain consistent levels of success throughout the length of the campaign.


White Shark Media assists clients with these and other tasks. The firm connects clients with search engine marketing specialists who are able to handle a campaign in the most effective manner.


The testimonials found on White Shark Media’s homepage reveal many positive assessments from those who have worked with the firm. Clients have reported massive revenues thanks to the help of White Shark Media. Not everyone is going to experience the same results, but many have noted positive and profitable experiences. That alone makes White Shark Media’s services worth looking closer at.


Checking out White Shark Media’s options are very easy thanks to the free evaluation being offered. Calling up the company’s primary customer service line is one way to find out what White Shark Media can do. A better option is to take advantage of a free online evaluation. The evaluation may examine a current online AdWords campaign or the session could entail a discussion about a first-time campaign. Either way, the evaluation would be well worth exploring.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

What Is Online Reputation Management About?

Online reputation management is about controlling what people see about yourself, a brand or a firm on the internet. It involves influencing the search results that appear on a search engine like Yahoo.

Why Is The Online Reputation So Important Know To Companies And Individuals

We are living in a world that is rapidly becoming more and more digital. Whether you yourself use the internet or not, content will be made available for others to see on the web. That content, taken together is what forms your online image or online reputation in other words.

5 Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management >>>

Your online reputation is important because it will determine what people will think of you when they search your name on the web. Employers for example, will often conduct a different kind of background check on the web by looking up your name on the internet. You can be pretty sure that negative content or offensive postings can impact whether you are hired or promoted by a company or employer.

Even landlords may conduct online searches about prospective tenants of their properties. If they find material that makes them question your responsibility they may reject your application. Customers may look up your name if you are a professional in the fields of law, medicine, science or construction. After all clients want to know whether you are a trustworthy and responsible person or not.

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Reputation Management Strategy and Boost Your SEO >>>

How Can I Influence Where Positive And Negative Content Is Displayed On Search Engines?

Once something is published on the web you can assume that it will be there forever. If material is outright false or threatening you be able to legally have it taken down or removed. Sometimes negative content can be removed by simply asking the web master or site administration. Other times negative content can stick and remain for people to see.

One way to counteract negative content on the web is with the consultants of an online reputation management company such as the Search Fixers. This company can push down false, negative articles about you on the web and bring up positive articles about you on search engines. The result will be that your reputation will increase and you will have greater control over what you want people to see about you and what you don’t want.

The Search Fixers online reputation management team is based entirely in the United States. The company does not outsource work abroad. Reputation management jobs are guaranteed by the company. You can also find periodic special offers and discounts on their services such as 30% off for the first month of their reputation management service.

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Why Luxury Real Estate Has Become So popular


NYC properties are big business and Town Residential is at the apex of this boom. It seems like no matter where you go here in New York City, there is some sort of construction and development taking place. The city is constantly moving and growing at the same time. For anyone who want to step their living arrangements up a notch, luxury apartments can provide you with great amenities, which is the icing on the cake. Usually it’s not the dwelling that makes the sell, it’s all of the attributes that comes along with the dwelling that makes the biggest difference.


Who Is Town Residential If you’re someone who’s interested in NYC luxury real estate, Town Residential should be a serious consideration. Honestly, it’s hard finding the perfect place to live in any city especially New York. Due diligence is a must for any serious potential tenant because if you don’t research your investments, you might receive something you wasn’t expecting. This is why having a professional on your team is of such importance. Town Residential takes all of the guesswork and hanky panky out of the process. This is a team is specialized individuals that have expert knowledge in the market of luxury real estate. NYC luxury real estate can’t be taken lightly because there is a lot of money at stake, as well as pride. This firm has grown into one of the city’s premier real estate firms in the past five years and it made the list for the Top 50 Best Places To WorkIn New York.


Whatever lifestyle a person lives whether it’s laid back or active, Town Residential can help clients find that perfect fit that makes their lives more complete. Areas such as Soho, Tribeca, Upper Westside, Chelsea, Battery Park, Citi Habitats, 180Franklin, and many more all have listings. This is where knowledge and expertise is definitely needed. The firm has numerous informative material to keep clients updated. NYC luxury real estate shouldn’t be a rat race and that’s why having the proper certification is needed. Town Residential is guiding the way to better living.