Kevin Finley:

Remember when a first time author would get discovered and their book would be all the rage? If this merger happens, you can kiss that good bye and say hello to a world where books are published by the Snooki’s of the world.

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Just three weeks after Random House and Penguin announced that they will merge to form the world’s largest book publisher, News Corp (s NWS), which owns the book publisher HarperCollins, is reportedly in talks to acquire CBS’s Simon & Schuster (s CBS). The “preliminary” talks were reported by the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal, which says News Corp had “expressed interest in” buying Simon & Schuster.

Unidentified sources “cautioned that a deal isn’t imminent.”

Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins declined to comment.

It seems clear that News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch is in a book publisher-buying mood: News Corp. had previously expressed interest in buying Pearson’s Penguin, right after Random House and Penguin’s talks to merge became public. News Corp is in the process of spinning off its publishing unit, including HarperCollins, into a separate company, and Murdoch recently said that the company will provide more details…

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